Journey Toward a Healthy Life

Journey Toward a Healthy LifeNo matter how healthy we pledge to be, it seems the challenges find us. The marketing of so-called “healthy foods”, the restaurant meals that are “fresh” and “under 500 calories”, and the latest prescriptions that will relieve our most difficult symptoms are constantly being thrown at us. Are these things really what will make us healthier?

Then, as we take a bite of broccoli, we hear a report taunting us from the other room, “Latest research shows that broccoli is bad for your health!” True story – that was on the nightly news several years ago. It probably made many people question whether they could figure out the truth about health. Turns out, the full story explained that broccoli itself isn’t bad for you, it’s the pesticides that are very difficult to remove. Unfortunately, that’s just one of many confusing reports being made daily.

So, what does life experience, education and research continue to teach us? Health is not a given. Making good, healthy choices is a critical skill in life, and we want to help others master that skill. It takes effort and needs to be done in stages, but it is truly worth it. We hope you come along for this ride toward a healthy life – and make it your own!

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